Last night I slept with The Devil.

I endured this entrapment, reluctantly persuaded that it was for the higher purpose of catching The Devil out. Whose purpose? I wrestled with my  growing anger and resentment, until it grew stronger than I. In destroying our uneasy union, I railed and fought against whispered wisdoms to be ‘dignified’ and ‘professional’. It is simply not in my nature to be so duplicitous as to betray my own code, for if you can’t live your convictions, then what is your life worth?

This was a dream, bright in light, dark in soul, and not about religion. How did The Devil not see this coming? 

"BOUND", detail, August 2014. For Beijing. To become silk banner, and/or digital canvas print.

"Flight", digital, work in progress. 
What everyone wants from Beijing is flight.

…guess we are connected but separated.

(uncredited gallery piece, sydney, 2014.)

credit:  http://www.mysticmamma.com/readthesigns/

credit:  http://www.mysticmamma.com/readthesigns/


GAFFA GALLERY. ‘Peculiar Compendiums’ opening night.

Really nice gallery in Clarence Street, Sydney. Upstairs and downstairs, this is upstairs (one of the rooms) with Pamela Leung’s work on the right wall, and quite a large crowd enjoying the show.


I am growing into ideas. Lots of opportunity on the near horizon. Spending days at the library writing and planning. The perfect winter blend of learning, thinking, creating and daydreaming. Perfect.